Something New, Something Blue  

I wanted to capture a new bride's something new and something blue. As well as the garter tradition aspect - using the lace - and in the round bead form it also is similar to a garter. I want the bead to look similar to the diamond beads except it will have Sapphire blue and clear CZ's that are scattered throughout but against a white lace background - when you lay the bead on its side - it will be clear and see the sapphires and clear CZs throughout - but standing up, you will see them against the lace background. I thought it would be a wonderful wedding gift from a friend, a fiance, a family member, etc... I know I would love it!

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Primary submission image


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Anne, United States  
I'm a poet/artist from Boston. I write emotional pieces about love / life. I also love to sketch and capture important parts of people's lives. I live with my 5 yr old son and am a single mother. My extra time is spent writing/drawing.

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