“Your Five a Day”

Lisa, United Kingdom

This bead is called “Your Five a Day” and it represents the five pieces of fruit that we are supposed to eat every day to maintain a healthy diet. The solid orange centre is for an Orange, the pieces of fruit around the core are, a slice of Lemon, a slice of Lime, a slice of Kiwi Fruit and a Strawberry. All set in transparent glass.  Perhaps this bead will remind us to eat more fruit. All very healthy!

The Designer

Lisa, United Kingdom


My name is Lisa, I am 53 and I live in Cornwall, in the United Kingdom.  I am a stay at home mum and I live with my 17 year old son and my husband. My hobbies include knitting socks and crochet and another of my hobbies is sculpting animal figures in Porcelain clay. I have always loved making animal caricatures and I enjoy positioning my animals in humorous positions and giving them funny expressions! I have recently started to paint in watercolours too, which I find very relaxing, and I generally just love to make stuff! I adore colours, I have always loved colour and my moods are very affected by them day to day. 

I have previously submitted designs to one of these Trollbead competitions. I won the Pax bead as I was a semi finalist entrant in the competition way back! 

I am a huge fan of Trollbeads and I have many of them, but will always want more of them in my collection!  I would especially love to see some bright beads, in Hot Pink, Purple and Turquoise. 

Lisa x