Charm poll connector  

The inspiration behind this is my charm bar from my jewellery box.As shown in my last picture. The bar itself can hold your charms but the beauty of it also acts as a connector. Design A shows the connector bar where you can place your charms, max 3 beads but depends on thickness. The heads all have a built-in silicone to stop then moving around on the bangle or necklace. A1. Shows a single screw head this piece is where you slide your bangle on. A2 is what it will look like once charms are on. A3 is a screw end. Design B shows the connectors on two bangles with charms on.I used A1 on either side. Design c shows the connector with charms on this time I used A1 and 3 on this connector. Please note that the design is larger reason being is so you can see the design clearly.The actual connector heads will be a standard size with a 4mm width so it will fit on the bangle(s). Items are all made from sterling silver.

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Primary submission image
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Aisha, United Kingdom  
I studied Art but never followed up on it as life took a different direction for me and ended up working for the last ten years for a famous charm company but still hoping one day to do something with my creative skills.

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