Moonbeams & Wishes Pendant  

“When surrounded by darkness of the night, beam at the moon and smile at the stars. Let their light guide you. Moonbeams and wishes make dreams come true.” My bead features a shooting star. This wraps itself around a sleepy moon, on a bed of fluffy clouds. These are positioned on a polished Moonstone. Romans used Moonstones, believing they were born from solidified rays of the moon. This gemstone would be my preference for this design. Alternatively, an iridescent or pearlescent pale blue glass could be used instead. My bead can be worn on a bracelet or as a pendant.

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The designer

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Amanda, United Kingdom  
From a young age I developed an interest in drawing and painting. I studied Art & Design at University and my profession is Graphic Design. I have a passion for nature, long walks and exploring new places during my travels.

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