Paolo, Italy

Everything is made up of atoms. We can find them everywhere. Every single atom of our body started from the explosion of a star and it is in harmony with the universe. This silver bead represents the whole universe, infinitely big and at the same time infinitely small. It reminds us, in spite of how small we are, we are called for the infinity. Tutte le cose sono fatte di atomi. Gli atomi sono dappertutto e formano ogni cosa. Ogni atomo del tuo corpo è stato creato dall’esplosione di una stella ed è in armonia con l’intero universo. Questo Bead in argento rappresenta l’intero universo: l’infinitamente grande nell’infinitamente piccolo. Ci ricorda che siamo piccoli ma destinati a qualcosa di infinito.

The Designer

Paolo, Italy

Hi, my name is Paolo, I love spending time at the sea and making excursions in the mountain and in wild nature. I like music, sport, good food and art. I came across “Trollbeads” in 2017 and I immediately fall in love with its philosophy and concept.