Flowing beauty

Agnieszka, Poland

I would like to show you my design ideas for Trollbeads.

It is an earring on which you can hang any beads.

The earring will beautifully adorn the ear of every woman, and the change of the bead will allow you to match it to any outfit.

The bead will be placed in a horizontal position to show all its beauty.

The earring consists of 4 parts: 

1. stud with a silver ball and chain

2. silver ball with an open eye

3. siver ring

4. bead

I hope my drawing that I send as an attachment will be readable.

Best regards, Agnieszka Grochal

The Designer

Agnieszka, Poland

Hi, my name is Agnieszka, I'm a teacher and fitness instruktor.

I like sports and an active life. I love traveling with my familly and I have a fun with looking for Trollbeads shop during our trips. I like wearing Trollbeads jewelry and like to have my favorite beads always with me. Which is why I would like to design an earring which allows you to place any beads on it. I hope you will like my idea as well. Agnieszka