“Thread of Life”

Robert, USA

We are all connected somehow, just like nature to its creatures and just like the universe to all its creations. We might fright death as we might fear the unknown; but we might dread just to not know what would happen after that, will there be something, or would we find nothing? The beauty of every thought in question isn’t the answer; we are all simply connected and never apart. Wear it as a symbol of togetherness, affection, and happiness. 

A tervező

Robert, USA

My name is Robert Ramos, I am 30 years old, and I’m from Puerto Rico. I am studying for a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I admire art, creativity, and infinite imagination. I would love to use my knowledge and my future career to immerse myself in the jewelry universe. I have always loved jewelry; I think it is much more than just a decoration. I dream about creating jewelry, becoming a jewelry designer, and becoming part of a jewelry brand; be known in the jewelry world and get the opportunity to share my creativity. I believe that beauty is all around us, in the simplest things, just waiting patiently to be discovered, comprehended, and appreciated. For me jewelry is for everyone to enjoy, regardless of who you are. I believe that stories, meanings, and emotions can be shared with others through these small creations of art, made of precious metals, glass and stones, that not only will look pretty, but that will also tell a story, carry a meaning, share memories and emotions that could last a lifetime.