You Are Here

Michael, USA

If you ever find yourself lost or unsure, just remember, you are here. This glass bead features a center that is a map, in shades of grey, black, and white. Then, to add further depth, there are two red pointers, with dotted lines, raised slightly off the surface of this bead, that proudly declare, YOU ARE HERE!

The Designer

Michael, USA

My name is Michael Nylander, and I have a disability known as Strumpell Lorrain Syndrome, which makes it difficult for me to walk, and has me requiring the use of a walker. Still though, I do not let this stand in my way. I am the type of person that is always making others happy, and always reaching for my dreams, no matter what. I feel it is always important to reach for ones dreams, and to not let anything hold us back. Life is an adventure. And that adventure can be wonderful, if we always remember to reach for our dreams.